Friday, 27 July 2012

Update on Routing Out a Guitar Body.

I thought that I'll drop in a quick update on the earlier post (May 2012) on routing out a guitar body. This is just a quick picture of the finished guitar. Works fine but cheap pots and pickups are going to be dumped and replaced with something better. At least I got the bridge in the right place and the neck angle correct. There is an odd wavy reflection above the neck pickup, but this is just the reflection. It does show the arm-rest angle and the curve of the horns etc. The truss rod cover is bookmatched in case you are looking for one. Overall, very happy with how it turned out. The bridge pickup is tapped with a 47nF shunt capacitor accross the slug coil. Pickup bobbins and thin copper wire have arrived so I'll be winding new pickups after the summer break.


  1. Good Job! Looks real nice!

    1. How about a sound clip? Interested in hearing those Rooshuntbuckers!

    2. Good call. The pickups are now changed from the ones in the above photo, I couldn’t get on with the brightness and the replacement ones are not tapped. I put in some nice Bournes pots at the same time too. However, you are right, I will get a short length of screened wire as the tone pot has a pull switch and wire in a shunt capacitor over Christmas. There, it's on the to-do list now!

      Thanks for your comments and observations, sincerely appreciated. Merry Christmas!